With Facebook being the most widely used social media network in the world – which has climbed to over 2 billion users – running a Facebook contest could be the most beneficial way to reach your ideal audience. However it is important to understand how the platform works and how to get the best engagement as possible from your audience.

With the amount of ‘noise’ that comes from Facebook, we’re confident to say that in order to get noticed, your brand needs to stand out from the crowd.

According to a poll conducted by the Content Marketing Institute and ion interactive, four in five (81%) respondents concurred that interactive content was more effective in grabbing readers’ attention.


So bearing these figures in mind, it is safe to say that running an engaging Facebook contest would be a good strategy to capture attention and help to support your business goals.

Here’s 5 tips to putting together a successful Facebook contests

Facebook Contest

Review Facebook’s Terms or Service

It’s no surprise that Facebook has rules in place for any offer or competition that is placed using its platform, therefore it is important that you check its rules and regulations prior to activated any form of contest. These do change periodically so worth checking each time you create a contest.

Facebook terms

Be sure to run your contest on your business page and not on your personal profile. It’s also worth noting that asking people to ‘share’ your contest is not allowed by Facebook, therefore ask people to ‘like’ or ‘comment’ instead which will score points with Facebook’s algorithm.

Choose what type of Facebook Contest?

‘Like and comment to win’ are the easiest type of Facebook contests for people to get involved in and are probably the easiest to manage. They are simple and people understand what to do!

All you’ll need is an image, video or link to get started and you’re off! Be sure to put a deadline date in your description and what the prize will be – with your clear call to action – let the competition begin!

How about a photo caption contest? These can be quite amusing and bring in a lot of interest to your page. Depending on what your prize is, it can be a good way to get your page being talked about. With any contest choice be sure to stipulate how the winner will be picked and when the cut off date is. This contest could be won by the amount of likes a comment gets rather than a random choice.

Another great option would be ask people to post images around a certain topic, for example you could ask people to post a photo of their view from their office window / or the sunset sky where they are… a great way for you gain content to use again and again after the deadline date!

There are many options for a Facebook contest but remember that the idea behind it is to engage people and for your brand to be made known.

Make it easy to participate

If your contest is too complicated to enter – people won’t.

The easy thing to do is make your contest simple to complete – one or two steps maximum rather than asking them complete lots more. Try not to ask for more information than is necessary as people do not want to share their personal details and they will stop engaging with the post.

Make the prize worthwhile to the audience and relevant to your brand

If you’re a restaurant, a good prize could be a £25 gift voucher to spend on their next meal – or a complimentary meal for them and a friend … something relevant to what your business is about.

Try not to go ‘off brand’ by offering something that is completely different to what you do or what your business offers. Always think about pointing back to your business, as that’s the idea of the contest – to draw more business or engagement.

Choose a custom hashtag

Decide on a hashtag that relates to both your business and your contest. You can then use this across multiple platforms and promote your contest wherever you are. Hashtags are being used more on Facebook now that it is integrated with Instagram but be sure to only use one or two hashtags as the more you use, the less engagement you will get.

Please use our Get In Touch page if you’re looking for any further guidance on reaching out with a Facebook contest.


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