Did you know that there is a fantastic free way to gain exposure for your business? Would you love to have a direct line to a journalist in your sector? Then you need to read our ‘how to use #journorequest’ guide!

What is #journorequest?

The #journorequest hashtag is a widely used way of linking journalists to businesses and vice versa on Twitter.

Journalists may be working on commissioned stories and need information, ideas, contacts or case studies to include in their articles. They are often working to tight deadlines and need this info fast.

How can I use #journorequest for my business?

To get involved is very simple- search #journorequest when you log in to your Twitter account, and you will see the variety of information requested. If any of the topics fit your business, you can reply to the journalist directly and hopefully secure some free PR. Remember though – you need to act fast and tell them precisely why you fit the bill over the hundreds of others who may tweet them. We advise sending a direct message if available – always make sure you are following the journalist and make sure you tag their Twitter handle in your reply.

journorequest screenshot

If you need to write a press release for your business, but are not sure which angle to take, scrolling through #journorequests may help guide you as to what journalists are interested in and looking for stories about, and then you can gear your press release towards that.

Top Tip: If you’re concerned you may not be able to keep up with the Twitter conversation, sign up to JournoRequests.com to receive their free daily digest and a list of all the PR opportunities segmented by sector. Genius!





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