Twitter polls are easy, effective and a great free tool to utilise for your business social media account as it allows you to ask a question and receive instant results. With the ability to have four different answer choices and allowing you to run the poll for up to seven days long, it’s a tool we at South Coast Social highly recommend to our clients, but the key is how best to utilise it. Read on to discover more!

How Twitter Polls Work

When a poll appears in your feed, simple tap or click the answer you’d like to vote for. Results are instantly displayed in percentages next to each choice. You can only vote once, and your vote is indicated with a tick next to your choice, but it’s completely anonymous. Neither the creator of the poll or the other participants know who has voted or how they voted. You’ll also see the total vote count and the time remaining displayed under the poll.

Timing Is Key

Twitter polls aren’t to be overused. You don’t want to lose the effect, so try posting no more than once a week. To get the best out of the poll, post at times when your followers are able to respond. To learn more about your key engagement times for your own Twitter, get in touch and we’ll be happy to help.

Twitter polls

Type Of Questions & Answers

We recommend keeping your questions relevant to you and your business. People are following you for YOU, and are generally happy to help if you put out a poll, so keep the questions and answers applicable and interesting. If using twitter polls regularly, be sure to mix them up next time. When it comes to answers, you really are in complete control. Consider close-ended yes/no answers, or open-ended multiple choice answers to drive different results for your business. If applicable, you can even include emojis too!

Measuring Engagement

Once the poll is over, be sure to reply to any comments and thank them for voting and giving their opinion. Not only are polls excellent for boosting engagement, they can help grow your business in other ways. The results may help you open new conversations, gather customer feedback, finalise decisions and get to know your followers better! For more ways to measure your social media engagement, check out our post here.


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