Who’s seen the new button at the top on their Instagram screen? If not, take a look – it’s a TV-shaped icon and it’s going to change your whole Instagram experience!

Instagram have recently announced the introduction of their latest app called IGTV, rolling out over the next few weeks to global users on Android and iPhone devices. IGTV will feature portrait, full-screen, hour-long videos created by the Instagram accounts that you follow. The app function is also available directly inside your Instagram app too, giving you the choice to watch solely video using the stand-alone IGTV app or see images and videos using the usual Instagram platform.

The distinguishing feature for IGTV is that there are no posts, no feed, no stories – just video – which can be up to an hour in length. It’s standing apart from other video platforms by focusing on a vertical video rather than a landscape view which is of course how we all use our phones in a normal situation. We are used to switching the device around to watch a video on YouTube or Facebook but now you don’t have to!

How to use IGTV

IGTV is organised by channels rather than profiles, although when prompted to create a channel when first logging in, it will align itself with your profile on Instagram.

When opening the app, you will see different tab options: For You / Following / Popular / Continue Watching, this will enable you to find various video content to watch.


The launch of IGTV has come five years after the launch of Instagram video and allows users to set up their own IGTV channel and to post video content to of up to an hour long.

Companies are beginning to test out the new feature and while many brands are repurposing content, some are treating this as a brand new channel, creating unique and new content for users to watch.

Nike posted to its new IGTV channel this week sharing an animation featuring Cristiano Ronaldo as part of its World Cup campaign!

Posting to IGTV is a fairly easy way to gain views as the IGTV feed is new and not yet over-crowded and flooded with too much content. It’s a good way to get noticed and to enable users to discover your brand.

The value of IGTV

The value of IGTV is by being human and offering real-time and authentic video content. It has long been the platform of choice by influencers and micro-influencers and with the growth of influencer marketing within social media, IGTV will provide a place for everyone to reach and engage with their audience, whether large or small influencer.

Instagram continues to grow

According to recent Bloomberg Intelligence, if Instagram were a stand-alone company, the platform would be worth more than US$100 billion – and the community is still growing, having hit the one billion mark last week. The fight may be on between Google-owned YouTube and Instagram now fighting for the top spot in video content. So will this push influencers and larger brands to move away from YouTube and more towards Instagram or will the two stay head to head in the days to come?

The main upper hand YouTube has is the functionality to search for content whereas IGTV only has the ability to search by channel at the moment. Hopefully a feature that will be added in the not-too-distant future.


It’s always best to use any new social media feature within your marketing strategy and to ensure that everything you do aligns with your branding. It’s a fun and exciting avenue to venture into especially if you love to produce video content! If you’d like advice on getting started with your Instagram marketing or integrating it into your current marketing strategy, we’d love to help! Get in touch for an initial chat.


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