It’s pretty well known that video is the best performing content type on pretty much every social platform, with many of the most popular networks embracing and fully engaging with this type of content. Facebook introduced video content originally in 2007, with the introduction of Facebook Live in 2015. Instagram introduced the ability to upload video content in 2013, with the introduction of ‘stories’ in 2016, whilst users have been uploading video content to YouTube since 2005.

LinkedIn has typically been pretty slow to adapt in the past, with the introduction of native video features only occurring in the summer of 2017. However, in the 17 months since the introduction of video features, LinkedIn has experienced a large increase in traffic and revenue, and with close to 600 million users globally, this makes the recent announcement of the release of LinkedIn Live even more exciting!

LinkedIn’s new emphasis on video content makes a lot of sense really, as according to internal data, LinkedIn users are 20 times more likely to share videos on the platform than any other type of post!

How It Works

LinkedIn have partnered with a number of video specialists including Wirecast, Switcher Studio and Sociallive to build a video platform that will make the live streaming experience the best it can be. This is promising to hear, as all the social media networks seem to be in a race to create the most engaging and participative streaming abilities, like Snapchat’s immersive filters, and the more recent introduction of Instagram’s IGTV, so it’s great to see LinkedIn diving in at the deep end, so to speak.

LinkedIn Live will apparently start out initially as an invite only beta stage for US users, so unfortunately the general public will have to wait a little longer to experience it. It’s reported that LinkedIn will then later open an application form to the public that lets anyone apply to use LinkedIn Live. It’s still unsure whether the general public will be able to ever stream video without applying, or whether it will always be restricted to large organisations and influencers!

LinkedIn have advised they are working to ensure its live streaming is specially curated to a professional audience and will therefore be used for streaming conference calls, product announcements, webinars and the like, and they will have the choice as to whether to stream to the general public or a selected group. This will ensure that companies can stay ‘company-exclusive’ and information can be kept private from general users.

Much like Facebook Live, audience members will be able to comment on LinkedIn Live videos in real time, and the host will be able to assign moderators too, ensuring that conversation is kept clean and on topic.

What We Think

At South Coast Social, we’re super excited for the launch of LinkedIn Live. With many of our clients using the platform, it will be really interesting to see how audiences react to, and interact with, this type of content on a professional network. The opportunity to broadcast directly to a growing professional audience could see the first real push on B2B live content, which hasn’t been seen before! It’s exciting to think about the opportunities this presents to different organisations and how this feature could affect all aspects of their business activity, including marketing and recruitment, for example.

Since you can’t edit a live video, it will be really interesting for consumers and viewers to see an unedited, human side to many organisations, and we’re sure it will be a great way to get a deeper insight into the personalities and workings of organisations. LinkedIn Live will also offer organisations a professional but personal way to communicate quickly with their audience and consumers.

Given that LinkedIn targets a professional audience, the fact that the focus of this live streaming ability will be on conferences, webinars, product release etc, provides LinkedIn with an interesting USP, and here at South Coast Social, we will be keeping a keen eye out for how this goes!

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