Every year the nation awaits the John Lewis Christmas ad, poised to give their opinion on whether it has exceeded the previous year. With a staggering 17,042,208 views so far of the John Lewis 2016 video on Youtube in just 8 days since its release on 9th November, this year’s campaign has proved hugely successful with its multi-channel marketing strategy.

The film is the story of a little girl called Bridget whose parents buy her a trampoline for Christmas. The story is told through the eyes of the family dog called ‘Buster the Boxer’, who watches in envy while a number of animals bounce on a trampoline in the garden, while the unknowing little girl is fast asleep.

John Lewis is well known for utilising its social media platforms in its ad campaigns and each year successfully launches the films first on Twitter. With 328.5k followers on Twitter, 1,138,567 followers on Facebook and 31k on Pinterest, even without the TV ad they are reaching mammoth audiences (interestingly Pinterest has obviously not been a priority this year as they haven’t utilised their boards for Buster The Dog, they still only have the #MontyThePenguin board from 2015.)

In a first, this year John Lewis have partnered with Snapchat to create a bespoke Snapchat lens that transforms users into Buster the Dog. This is a very clever strategy for getting people to engage with their marketing!

Yet again one step ahead of many of its competitors, the John Lewis Christmas ad is inviting people to come and play with Buster and his friends and explore their garden through an immersive virtual reality experience with Oculus Rift technology in their London stores. The shop windows are also on theme with beautiful displays featuring Buster The Dog.

The key to the success of these advertising campaigns is that John Lewis embraces as many social media platforms as it possibly can, creating engagement and reaching enormous audiences with its heart-warming tale of wild animals jumping for joy on a little girl’s trampoline.

The question is, how will they top it in 2017??


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