During the most recently reported quarter, LinkedIn currently has 467 million members. It’s a fantastic social media platform but many people miss the best way to utilise the tools and services it has to offer. Have no fear, because we’ve covered five simple ways to ensure you’re making the most of your LinkedIn profile!

Utlise the Premium Trial

LinkedIn is free but there are options for a Premium account, ideal for job seekers, sales and talent professionals, as well as the general professional who wants to get more out of LinkedIn. You can try it for free too! Tip: Don’t forget to cancel before the trial ends if you don’t wish to commit. Add the end date in your diary.

Revisit regularly

It’s important to revisit your profile regularly and update where applicable. It’s unlikely you’d hand your CV out without checking it over, so treat your LinkedIn the same. Have you recently won an award, launched a product, created a website, run a campaign, or been featured in an article? Include it!

Headlines matter!

Your LinkedIn headline is crucial for a first impression. People see it when they conduct a search and can highlight exactly who you are, what you do, or what you’re looking for. What used to be statement about your current role, is now a fantastic opportunity to be creative! If you’re looking for an opportunity, share it here. For example, “Social Media Manager Looking To Build A Bigger Future With Companies In Our Growing Digital World.”

LinkedIn Learning

Launched last year, LinkedIn Learning is a fantastic online platform for building your skills and profile! Not only do they offer a heap of videos, tools and helpful information to expand your skill set and knowledge, it’s personalised to you. Pick the skills you’d like to develop and you’re good to go! Once you’ve complete a course, you can add to your profile to show off. LinkedIn say “Our library of 9,000+ digital courses are taught by industry experts and cover a wide range of business, creative and technical topics, from leadership “soft skills” to design principles to programming. We’re always evolving the Lynda.com library, adding at least 25 courses a week, and teaching the leading-edge skills you need to stay current. Plus, we also offer courses in German, Spanish, Japanese and French.” Pretty incredible! Discover more here.

Request a recommendation

Forget asking for a reference or waiting for an employer to produce one, you can easily ask employers, colleagues or business connections to write a brief paragraph on you, your work or how you’ve done business together, to publically share on your LinkedIn. It’s neat, simple, and can really boost your profile. It takes minutes to do and what’s nice, is you can take the time to offer the same for them too. Learn how to request a reference here.

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