Meet Ella, our new Social Media Manager and the latest addition to join the South Coast Social team.

Read up below about what her first gig was, what celebrities she would invite to a dinner party and what it means to her to join SCS, as she settles into life as our new Social Media Manager.

Ella Young – Social Media Manager

Go to takeaway? Noodle Bar 100%, since moving to Bournemouth they are my go to for every takeaway! I should definitely have some sort of a discount code by now.
Favourite band/artist? I love Harry Styles & Muse equally. A bit of a contrast!
Do you have any pets? I have fish at home and I’m currently looking for a dog.
What was the first gig you went to? Two Door Cinema club, I went with a bunch of friends at 17 and it was a very good gig. It was also my first mosh pit!
Three famous people you’d invite to a dinner party? Harry Styles as I love him and would love to hear the behind the scenes of One Direction, X Factor and fame in general as he was really thrown into the spotlight. Louis Theroux as he is just a generally nice guy and has seen and spoken to so many people, I feel like he would have great stories. Finally, Prince Harry. I wanna know if he was forced to leave the Royal Family or if he was truly his own decision. It kinda keeps me up at night not knowing.
Dream holiday? Anywhere hot! I am going to Barbados this year so that kinda vibe.
What are you currently reading/what series are you currently watching? Currently watching greys anatomy, (season 11) and loving it.
Favourite social media accounts/bloggers? @annaarcherfitness @alfiedeyes
If you weren’t a Social Media Manager, what would you be? I think I would be a Veterinary Nurse because I love animals, specifically dogs. Ever since I was little I knew I would be good at being a Vet – unfortunately I am rubbish at science so that was that career ruined!
Tell us a random fact about you – I don’t have a spleen!
How do you feel about joining South Coast Social? Very excited! I can’t wait to see what the future holds. 
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