We Are Social recently produced this frankly excellent piece on the state of Digital, Social & Mobile usage around the world, so we thought we would share the key points with you. Please do check out the full report as it really is worth a look!

Year-on-year growth remains strong, particularly in the use of mobile social media:

  • Internet user growth: +7.6%
  • Social media user growth: +8.7%
  • Mobile user growth: +3.4%
  • Mobile social media user growth: +23.3%

Social media usage continues to grow around the world, with global penetration rates now in excess of 30%.

225 million people around the world used the internet for the first time in the past 12 months, translating to 600,000 new users every day, or 7 every second.

Facebook continues to dominate the global landscape, accounting for almost 1.5 billion users. The world’s favourite social platform shows little sign of losing its grip either, with 180 million new users joining the community over the past 12 months, up 13.7% year-on-year.

The number of users accessing social media through mobile devices has exploded in the past 12 months, with 1 million new users accessing via phones or tablets every single day.

This has delivered year-on-year growth of more than 23%, with global penetration now exceeding a quarter of the world’s population.

What’s more, with around 12 new active mobile social users every second, it’s likely that the global total will exceed 2 billion before the end of 2015. WhatsApp is the world’s fastest growing ‘big’ platform (i.e. platforms with more than 100 million active users); the Facebook-owned platform has added more than 300 million new users since August 2014, achieving impressive year-on-year growth of 60%.

Meanwhile, the data suggest that Facebook Messenger may have doubled its user base since this time last year, with active users up 200 million since the start of 2015 alone.

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