This week, as you may have seen from our other blog posts or perhaps from our social media (especially Instagram!) we’ve celebrated our ‘official’ third birthday as a company – South Coast Social Founder Clare reflects back on the last few years.

Technically, we’ve been in business for over four years – just in case you’ve been around these parts for a while! However, legally, we’ve been a limited company for three years. So what does this mean?


Well, we’re officially also not a start up any more! South Coast Social started as a vision from a dining room table and a three year plan to become one of the leading social media agencies in the south coast. We went through all the trials and tribulations of a new business, from finding a first office space, working with (some amazing) freelance staff, growing some more, moving to a bigger office space, hiring our first permanent staff… then growing some more, hiring more staff…

We expanded into London, hired some more staff – all the time taking on some incredible clients, projects and challenging ourselves consistently to be the best at what we do.

2019 has seen our team grow to five (soon to be six) and a move into our new office space at Bryanstone Works – a creative place to grow and expand, set down roots and for myself, to start to plan the agency we want to become in the next three years.

(pizza features quite heavily in our planning sessions ?)

In 2017, I set out our company values;

• Demonstrate industry expertise and knowledge at every opportunity
• Strive to deliver excellent results
• Embrace change and education in the pursuit of business growth
• Develop and nurture open and honest relationships 
with partners and clients
• Offer exceptional customer service 
at all times

These values are absolutely as crucial to our business today and I truly believe it’s the fact we keep these central to everything we do that has contributed to our success.

We’ve got some incredibly exciting times ahead for us and we’ll be continuing to carve out our niche, learn new tricks, perform better and stronger – bringing on some exciting new brands into our portfolio and continuing to nurture and grow our existing brands through social media. After all – it’s what we do best.

We hope you’ll join us!


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