Pinterest – it’s just a place for wedding obsessives and crafting fanatics, right? Well, we certainly love a good wedding (although our cross stitch isn’t up to much) but Pinterest is so much more than that, especially for business. When I speak to companies about setting up a Pinterest account (especially B2B companies) the first response is pretty much always “do we need it? We have Facebook and Twitter!” followed by “but what images would we share? We don’t sell cool trainers/wedding shoes/craft paraphernalia/etc!”.


We believe Pinterest can be a big asset to your online presence, WHATEVER your company does or sells. Here are our top tips for getting the most out of your Pinterest account for business.

    • It sounds obvious but make sure you join as a business! (Pinterest didn’t always offer this option). Get started here.
    • Pinterest is a great way of driving traffic to your site! Install the ‘Pin It’ button to your browser and when ever you post a new image to your website or blog, make sure you pin it to your Pinterest page as well, picking a board that’s relevant. That way when someone clicks on the image in Pinterest they will be directed back to your site.pinterest_ipad
    • Make sure your profile on Pinterest is succinct and ensure sure you get your website verified for a direct link to your site from your Pinterest profile page – this gives you access to your page analytics. Make sure you feature your business logo and include a wide range of boards so visitors have a variety of topics to look through and be inspired by.
    • Talking of topics – so you’re a builder from Manchester, what can you possibly pin? Well, how about a board on Northern architecture or buildings that inspire you? Perhaps you specialise in a bricklaying technique that is unusual, how about a board on that? Interior design is very popular on Pinterest – how about some before and after pictures of projects you have worked on after they have been kitted out? Maybe you have a company mascot or even pet cat. A board on Fluffy* will show your sense of humour and give a great human touch to your profile. Show what inspires you, motivates you, moves you – don’t be afraid to be yourself! See, there’s four ideas already to start you off – we know you can think of more!cat
    • Engage with other pinners – like and follow their boards and they will appear in your newsfeed (click the central ‘Pinterest’ logo in the middle of the page). Re-pin their images to relevant boards of yours to generate wider content and build relationships – they may well do the same for you if you are posting on a similar topic. Search out and follow your suppliers, business contacts or pioneers in your field and increase your network. Make sure you reply professionally to any comments left – they could be a future client!
    • Consider using ‘rich pins’. These are pins that can include extra information right on the pin itself and there’s currently five of them; movie, recipe, article, product and place (if you think about it, that covers most things!). Find out more on rich pins and how to use them on the official Pinterest Guide here.
    • Make sure the descriptions on your pins are relevant and detailed. This makes your pins more interesting to read as well as making sure they stand more chance of appearing on the search feed for whatever you have described.
    • Did you know – Pinterest isn’t just about pictures! You can share YouTube videos, slideshows and audio files too – why not stand out from the crowd and demonstrate your brand in a unique way?

If you don’t feel confident in setting up your own Pinterest account or simply want some help managing it on a day to day business, we can help you! Email us at or send us a message via any of the grey social media links on the right to find out more.

*we love kittens almost as much as a good wedding

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