As we move forward into a new year, it’s a great time to rethink your business marketing strategy and to plan new ways of engaging with potential customers. There are many ways to market a business however an approach that is becoming more popular and successful is employee advocacy.

What is employee advocacy?

Employee advocacy refers to the promotion of an organisation by its own employees, usually in its most common form of social media.

We are all aware that word of mouth is a very powerful marketing tool and using employees to enforce that reputation can have great benefits to a business. Your online reputation can be your strongest asset or your biggest liability.

Statistics show that the average Facebook user has 150 friends. Which means that if you had 20 employees using Facebook and all shared a post – that’s an potential reach of 3,000 people.

Using employees to promote your brand is a key way to reach people further than usual demographics would and could possibly tap into places where organic posts would not necessarily get to. Hence why this way of marketing is becoming extremely popular and is a great way to engage your employees in your business.

Each employee has their own circle of friends, family and acquaintances. These are relationships that have already been built and share a common trust which if tapped into correctly can help build business awareness without being a hard-hitting sales pitch.

How can you use employee advocacy within your business?

employee advocacy

Share your brand’s content marketing on social media

Once an article has been published or a blog post has been created, ask your team to share the content on their personal social media accounts. This is obviously the easiest way to encourage employees to shout out about your company which in turn will increase brand awareness. Employees can also be encouraged to share their favourite content from business blogs or articles, adding their own spin on the post which will help the posts be seen in a different light and can create conversation within their friend circles.

Create a company hashtag

Encourage employees to use a specific hashtags when sharing any work related content or articles relating to the business. This will help in the early stages of new client enquiries or even acquiring new customers and increasing brand awareness.

Add company social media handles to personal profiles

Showing that your business is a great place to work, creates a good image to new visitors who are looking through social profiles. When employees are proud to be working for a business, it portrays a good company culture which again increases brand visibility and credibility. If visitors then see that all those company employees are sharing company content, it provides a level of authority and reliability for the brand.

Make it beneficial to be social!

It’s all well and good asking employees to be part of your marketing strategy but you need to measure the results (to know it’s working) and to make it fun and beneficial for them too!

Try using a leaders board in the office to show how much engagement each employee can create, or how many shares of a post they can get. Make it a game for them and reward employees that hit a target each month. What incentives would they like to see by getting on board with the game?

You can give them certain articles or products to promote if they’re stuck for ideas but talk to them and let them know why you’re doing it and emphasize the company culture that you’re trying to create and what results can be seen if everyone plays a part in marketing the business.

Educate employees on social media best practices

Everyone has a different understanding and level of social media awareness so educating all employees to the same level would be beneficial to the results of the marketing campaigns. Train everyone within the business, extending out to all departments and management levels and be sure to include policies and guidelines to make it fair.

We definitely think that using employee advocacy within your social media is a great way to see business growth and increase brand awareness. It is also a great way to encourage a healthy company culture buzz and to remind employees that they are valuable to your business success.

Here at South Coast Social we offer social media training to businesses, ensuring that best practices are used and a high level of accuracy can be shown across all levels of your business social media marketing.

If you’d like to find out more, get in touch!


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