Rumour has it that Snapchat, the mobile social media app that allows users to share photos and videos that disappear after a few seconds, is soon going to be launching advertising on its site in the ‘Snapchat Stories’ feature.

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The Snapchat Stories feature allows users to to bundle a series of Snaps and then send them to friends – the content is automatically deleted after 24 hours. As Campaign magazine explains, “with a reported 100 million monthly users worldwide sending 700 million Snaps a day, and a strong appeal to teenagers (half of whom in the UK claim to have used it), Snapchat could help brands communicate with tech-savvy young people“.

For savvy brands willing to take a risk and devise creative campaigns that appeal to the Snapchat audience, this could be a perfect opportunity to connect with potential consumers. Content will be key to these campaigns however, with emphasis on building dialogue and meaningful connections rather than pushing a sales message. For brands that manage to build a successful Snapchat strategy, the rewards could be potentially huge.

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