We plan, develop and execute tailored social media influencer marketing strategies and campaigns based on your brand’s unique goals.

If you’re looking to increase the reach and engagement of your brand message, generating awareness, website traffic and conversions, then utilising a social media influencer could be the ideal way to achieve your objectives. Using our unique database and connections with influencer partners through a variety of industries, we can match your business with its perfect brand advocates in a carefully crafted campaign that generates exceptional results.

What is an influencer?… An influencer is an individual who has the power to affect purchase decisions of others because of his/her authority, knowledge, position or relationship with his/her audience. They have a following in a particular niche, which they actively engage with. Interested in using an influencer to grow your brand? Often used as a ‘bolt on’ to our Social Media Management Packages, we take charge of the whole process from start to finish, from creating a brief and optimising an appropriate budget, putting together a bespoke influencer marketing strategy for your business, suggesting a shortlist of relevant influencers appropriate to your niche from our company database of 1,000s of relevant bloggers and YouTubers, creating a content plan, monitoring and liasing throughout and, of course, reporting on the results we’ve achieved.

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