Recent research commisioned by the Internet Advertising Bureau has found that social media has overtaken entertainment as the UKs favourite activity online.

Social Media Social media use – including time on sites such as Reddit or Gawker Media that are built on blog platforms – accounted for nearly 17% of all time online, up from 12.2% a year ago.

Over the same period, the amount of time spent online on entertainment such as watching TV shows or YouTube videos and listening to music has almost halved from 22.1% to 12.4%. This is partly due to the fact people are now spending more time on their mobiles, as on desktops, entertainment accounts for 18% of time online compared to just 8% on smartphones and tablets such as the iPad.

On mobile devices, social media accounts for more than 20% of time spent, compared to under 10% on desktop. Currently consumers spent 45% of their internet time on computers, 40% on mobiles and 15% tablets.

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