6 Tips to Boost Your Engagement For Instagram Reels

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Instagram Reels have quickly become a great way to build your brand’s presence online and there’s no denying that Instagram are very much prioritising them at the moment within the insta algorithm, to try and keep up with their competitors TikTok. So whether you’re a Reels expert in need of expanding your reach or you’re… Read more »


10 Steps You Need to Take to Get Verified on Instagram

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We all want that shiny blue tick! For brands and social media creators on Instagram, getting verified is the greatest form of validation. Securing that ‘blue tick’ not only validates your authenticity, it gives you more control over your online presence by ensuring your profile is the only one representing your brand.


12 Benefits of Influencer Marketing

As platforms become more creative, it can sometimes become harder for brands to showcase their products and services. Over time, platforms will become more defined in their audiences and in their ways of displaying content. The best way to reach them is to learn user trends and habits. You should be able to communicate with… Read more »


Your 2021 Social Media Holiday Calendar for September

The kids are going back to school soon and that means that Autumn is on its way! Although we’re not sure we’re ready to let go of Summer just yet… Whilst we’re pretty excited to see knitwear and pumpkin-spiced things making a comeback on our feeds, there are also lots of fun Social Media Holidays… Read more »