Why Hair, Beauty and Nail Salons Should Use Social Media

why hair, nail and beauty salons should use social media

There’s nothing more impressive on social media than a visual transformation, and salons make these happen every single day! Whilst posting before-and-after photos might be fairly straightforward, a lot of salons struggle to find the time to use social media marketing effectively… But this is vital for raising awareness of your hair or beauty brand…. Read more »


Why Your Bar Should Use Social Media

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Is your bar currently sharing updates on social media? Even when you’re closed, social media should be a key part of your marketing strategy. And here’s why…


Your 2020 Social Media Holiday Calendar for May

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For those of you who loved our April free download, we’ve got another Social Media Holiday Calendar for you for May! If you’re wanting to get really creative with your social media content, highlights for this month include: Star Wars Day, not one but two Bank Holidays, Learning at Work Week and National BBQ Week…


The trick to making any industry sound exciting with social media…

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The so-called ‘boring’ businesses e.g. accountants, banks and finance providers, insurance firms, energy providers and local councils have all seen unprecedented demand during the Coronavirus pandemic. Who hasn’t spent ages on the phone to at least of one of these people recently? Whilst these businesses might not have flashy visuals and fun content to share,… Read more »


Your 2020 Social Media Holiday Calendar for April

There are hundreds of national and global social media holidays now – from things like #NationalPetDay to Mental Health Awareness Week (#MHAW). It can sometimes be hard to keep track of them all! That’s why we’ve put together a free monthly calendar for you to download. It includes lots of different holidays and events, so that you… Read more »