Pinterest has a new algorithm which is based quality of your pin, quality of the source (blog or website) that the pin leads to and a rating assigned by Pinterest. So how do you ensure the content you post gets to the top of the Pinterest smart feed?


Essentially, pins are now placed best first, not newest first, into the smart feed – Pinterest no longer puts pins in your feed based on the time they are pinned. So, always ensure your content is visually appealing – Pinterest is all about the images people really want to see! Make sure your image is clear and relevant with little text and no borders and where you can use high resolution, excellent quality photos. Make sure you size your image correctly; the preferred image aspect ratio in Pinterest is 2:3 to 1:3.5 and the minimum width of a pin should be 600 pixels with the maximum being 735 pixels.

The quality of your Pin is determined by how often people pin and repin content from your original content source. Make sure that this source is reputable and relevant to the image you are sharing and the description is user friendly and easy to read. Be helpful and informative – Pinterest users want to learn as well as be inspired! Ensure your description isn’t too long and don’t keyword spam – if it’s not of value to the post – leave it out!

If you keep to these simple rules, your content should stay one step ahead of the new Pinterest smart feed. Happy Pinning!

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