There was big news in the world of social media last week, with the announcement that Twitter and Google have agreed to show tweets in search results in real time again. This is scheduled to be up and running in the first half of this year and will have huge implication for the way brands plan their search and social strategies…

In essence, consumers now won’t need to be following a brand’s Twitter feed in order to discover a tweet about that brand; those tweets will be immediately apparent on Google’s search results pages just at the click of a button. This now means that every campaign a brand undertakes will instantly be searchable – and if one hasn’t gone successfully it will be hard for brands to distance themselves from either their mistake or subsequent negative Twitter feedback.

For Twitter, this will obviously bring more exposure to the network and ensure Twitter remains top of mind to those who are not currently on the network. As Business to Community puts it; ‘there’s also the fact that Twitter is a worldwide phenomenon, with close to 300M users signed on to the platform. Even if those users average one single tweet per user per day, that’s over a quarter of a billion pieces of 140-character content that is mostly going unindexed. If their goal is to understand social and factor engagement into the algorithm, Google has no choice but to find common ground with Twitter in this fashion’.

The partnership is part of Twitter’s strategy to become what CFO Anthony Noto called “one of the top revenue generating Internet companies in the world” – effectively Twitter wants to diversify its advertising products and find more ways to monetise their syndicated content in an effort to increase their revenue stream. All good for Twitter, but for marketers it means careful planning of the longevity of their clients Twitter campaigns as they consider the implications of their tweets now being searchable.

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