Throughout the year businesses across the globe are using social media to drive people to their sites – however on the run up to Christmas, more people pull out the stops to drive sales leading up to the festive period.

This is the time of year that you need to get noticed and your marketing efforts perhaps may need to be stepped up in order to catch your customer’s attention. With the power of social media and the influence that it can bring, there is a whole realm of advertising potential just waiting to be used. Any business that has a product or service to sell should jump on board with social media at Christmas and get in front of your audience!

Ecommerce sites have the ability to drive sales from so many directions if they use social media correctly so with only a short period to go before Christmas, we thought we’d give you some tips on how to make your marketing efforts effective!

Run a Christmas contest and make it social

Running a contest is not a new concept but using it for Christmas leverage is a great plan of action. It will create a buzz of excitement on the run up to the festive season and get people thinking about the time of year. Running a competition through social media allows users to share the competition with a wide array of people – potential customers that you would not necessarily otherwise have reached.

Be sure to choose the right prize that is relevant to your business and that will create engagement to a large audience and remember to make the competition shareable by including links or easy instructions with good quality images – include a link to T & Cs as well!

Engage with your customers.

Although this is something that should be done all throughout the year, it is something that is particularly relevant at this time of year – make sure you respond to all comments and messages through all your social media networks.

Jump onto trending hashtags and search for problems that you have the answer to – point back to your site in reference to demonstrate your expertise. Word of mouth is a great tool! The power of social media works in the same way and if people like your products and services, they will pass your details on and share your content.

social media at Christmas

Help out those lazy shoppers!

Many people enjoy online shopping rather than heading to their local shops and doing battle with the Christmas crowds so this is the perfect time to spell out some ‘magical’ gifts for their loved ones. Many people also leave their Christmas shopping to the very last minute – so this could be the ideal time to guide shoppers to make their experience quick and easy.

Create inviting posts that show the ease of online shopping with you, which need no effort from the consumer. Spell out what you are offering – create clear and concise titles that are obvious to the reader. The idea of this is to suit the last minute shoppers that just want their shopping experience to be easy and straightforward – make sure your shipping options are clear inluding last Christmas posting dates.

Get festive with your branding

Yes we all know that we are in the festive time of year – but make your social media readers know that you’re thinking of that too (and that doesn’t have to mean cheesy!). Be appealing to their nature and show your readers that you’ve thought about the different seasons and festivals – and what it means to you as a business.

It could be as simple as adding some snowflakes to your cover photos or you could go the whole hog and change your entire branding for the festive season (depending on the time / budget you have) but anything to show thoughtfulness to your customers.

Advertise a time-sensitive offer

With Christmas being a specific date of the year, Christmas offers are time-sensitive anyway but being able to offer something that has a closing date on, makes the offer sound more appealing and will grab people’s attention. Having an offer in place and using cross-promotions over your different social media channels will allow the promotion to be seen from as many angles as possible.

You can use a countdown timer to increase the urgency of the offer and to create a demand for the product in people’s eyes. This way customers know that they have got to purchase your product by the timeframe or  they’ll either lose out or it will be more expensive afterwards.

There are countdown timers available that you can use on your ecommerce website which is a marketing app for online store owners to add urgency to their holiday promotions.

Offer a perk or incentive to your customers.

If you’re using social media at Christmas to try to bring in new clients or customers, offering a discount code for purchasing the first time often draws attention. A 20% discount could mean a great deal to someone who is buying a lot of their Christmas gifts from you! The same goes for free P&P if someone is spending a large amount – sometimes that could be the difference between someone purchasing from you or another company.

social media at Christmas

Facebook Advertising

And let’s not forget one great marketing avenue that has the potential to explode if done correctly! Target the exact audience that you want to reach with Facebook advertising (pehaps even those that have previously purchased from you) and get your products seen in front of the people that are likely to click the ‘buy now’ button. With a mixture of great copywriting, a strong call to action and an image that invites people to want to see more, this definitely is a great path to investigate to help your brand stand out and generate those extra Christmas sales.

We totally believe that social media is a key factor that you should build into your marketing strategy – the power of social media can create high levels of engagement and ultimately have SUCH positive effects on your business including sales and brand awareness. Going the extra mile can really be worth the effort and prove to your customers and potential customers that you care and YOU really do have the best product on the market.

If you’d like to discuss your social media at Christmas (or any time of the year!) with an agency that cares about your business success, we’d love to chat with you!

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