Looking to take the quality of your social media content to the next level?

Whilst we can’t spill all of our secrets, we can tell you about some of the tools out there that will help you to create better content for your channels.


This sounds like an obvious one but having a smartphone with a decent camera allows you to capture pictures and video footage at a moment’s notice. It’s also an easy way to quickly respond to comments and messages from your customers, as you can check your notifications regularly.

Another good thing to do when creating content from your phone is to use the phone’s GPS. When you enable location permissions for Facebook and Instagram, your phone will be able to detect where you are, and you’ll have the option to ‘check in’ on your post. Adding a location to your post will usually increase the reach, as it makes it more likely to be discovered by other users in that area.

Person taking a photo of a drink on their phone


No-one wants to see wobbly videos on social – especially when it’s a live stream!

You can now get a whole range of tripods for your smartphone including handheld and flexible ones. These are great for stabilising the phone whilst filming or taking photos, and there’s something for everyone’s budget as tripods like the JobyGorillaPod Mini start from as little as £12…


Props and good lighting are must-have tools if you’re taking your own photos for social media. We have loads of cute and quirky ‘Instagrammable’ things in the South Coast Social office, including our emoji cushions…

Woman holding heart eyes emoji cushion - South Coast Social
Remember to take the background of the photo or video into consideration too. Wallpaper samples and large pieces of coloured card can make great backdrops on a budget. You could also use a blanket or a piece of clothing if you’re in a hurry!

When it comes to lighting, natural light is always best so try to take your photos or film videos in the daytime, near to a window. If it’s a rainy day or you’re working at night, you might want to invest in a ring light or softbox to brighten things up a bit.


There are loads of great photo editing apps out there that can help you to tweak your photos and get them looking their best. Some of our favourites in the SCS office include Adobe Lightroom and VCSO for images and InShot and Animoto for videos.

If you’re a bit of a graphic design novice, we would recommend that you try Canva. It’s a really handy bit of software that has loads of great templates, shapes, fonts and illustrations ready for you to use. It also has a stock image database which could be helpful if you don’t have enough brand photography or you’re looking for something specific.

(Note: these apps all have free versions, but you can pay to unlock premium features and remove watermarks. If you’re serious about your social, we think that this is definitely worth doing!)


Last but by no means least – one of the best ways to ensure you’re sharing high-quality, creative content on your socials is to hire a social media manager!

Women typing on laptops - South Coast Social
Having a dedicated account manager means that you’ll benefit from their years of knowledge and expertise. It also means you’ll be ahead of the game, as your social media manager will make use of the latest social media features and algorithm updates to help you to achieve your brand’s objectives.

You’ll be able to work with them directly on the look and feel of your content and they’ll be planning your content well in advance. Social media managers can also respond to your messages and comments on your behalf, so you’ll save yourself loads of time and hassle!

We’re a team of experienced social media managers here at South Coast Social, and we’re hard at work creating great content for our clients every day.

To find out more about what we do, contact us today via our online form or give us a call on 01202 985022.

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