Whether you’re already in the know but want to up your social game or don’t know your Pins from your Tweets, our bespoke Dorset based social media training packages give you the confidence you need to be successful.


Social Media Training – Looking to unleash your company’s social media potential, but not sure where to start? Whether you already have social accounts set up and need some guidance or want to start completely from scratch, with our bespoke social media training packages based in Dorset we can set you up with all the knowledge you need to successfully run your social media and foster a genuine interaction with your target audience.

Each training course is completely unique and tailored to your exact requirements – perhaps you already have a grasp of Facebook but really want to gain a thorough understanding of how Pinterest could help increase sales, or how Twitter could help you engage with your potential customers? Not a problem. Maybe you just want to find out more about how you can demonstrate ROI (that old marketers favourite!) on your social media through analytics tools, or get to grips with social media advertising such as promoted tweets or sponsored posts? We can do that too.

Available for between one and four people per training session (we like to be able to spend enough time with each person), we will come out to your place of work at a time that suits you – and because we don’t cover anything you don’t want us to, our rates remain affordable. It’s all about how we Think Different.

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