Twitter is changing – and it’s about time, say some social media analysts (and me!). On Wednesday, Twitter held its first ever Analyst Day Event, where they announced that in an effort to make the network richer and more engaging they would be launching new messaging and video creation and content curation features, among other services.

Arguably for marketers the most exciting of these new developments is Twitter timeline highlights, a feature that will use algorithms to highlight relevant tweets that may have been posted while you were away from the social network, no matter what your usage level. This means you are less likely to miss updates from your followers and something I think will be of great value – I would assume they will be incorporating a paid element in there in the future though if you wish to ensure you are featured prominently in the highlights. Twitter will also be implementing an ‘Instant Timeline’, to make it easier for new users to become instantly immersed in the network before building up a list of people to follow.

They are also looking into real-time video editing and sharing features on the network; a tool launching in early 2015 to let users “take, edit and share video in real-time on the Twitter platform.” This would essentially enable users to upload and share video directly from the ‘compose tweet’ function within the app (think like taking a photo from within Instagram), highlighting their continued dedication towards developing video content.

The other big news from the Twitter camp is the further development of its Direct Messaging service, improving functionality and enabling users to share and discuss tweets within private Direct Messages for the first time.

You can read the full statement from Kevin Weil, VP of Product at Twitter, here.

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