It’s been the talk of social media marketers this week as #Twitter10k became a possible Thing – and we all debated – will Twitter increase its character limit from 140 up to a possible 10,000?

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey took to Twitter (obvs) and posted a screenshot of a lengthy explanation, hinting as to the possible increase and generating over 5.5k retweets so far.

Twitters been going through a few changes recently – we recently blogged on their latest features such as Brand Hub and the rollout of Twitter Moments has also seen the network team with a number of large publications such as The New York Times and Buzzfeed. This latest plan to spur revenue and user growth has had mixed reviews however – the majority of them seemingly negative towards the suggested changes and we are inclined to agree. This online poll from Radio Times shows current sentiment towards the changes up to today –

Although it was also suggested that the ‘extended’ text would for obvious reasons not be displayed in full in a timeline (i.e larger tweets would still appear the same size in your timeline but would be expandable, so you’d still see as many posts as you do now) the power of Twitter and its unique USP has always rested on creating that precise description, quote or soundbite and without it the platform would fundamentally change.

What do you think of #Twitter10k? Will it be a thing? Should it be? Let us know your thoughts!

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