You’ve probably heard by now that Twitter are testing 280 character tweets? However don’t be alarmed if you can’t see the change at the moment as Twitter are only enabling selected accounts to test the new long tweet feature.

Longer tweets have been in discussion for some time now. Twitter has seen the numbers of their users increase however are also aware that to stay competitive with other platforms, slight changes may need to be implemented in order to keep the popularity of the social network.

Twitter says:

“We want every person around the world to easily express themselves on Twitter, so we’re doing something new: we’re going to try out a longer limit, 280 characters.”

Twitter 280-character

Let’s look at the pros and cons of the 280 character increase


More users
One of the reasons that Twitter is looking at the character increase is to attract more users. This is good for everyone – more people means more followers, meaning more potential customers to see and read your content.

More accessibility
Having a higher character limit will mean that it will be easier to get your message across social media, without the need to restrict your content or message as much. This will mean that it’s now easier than ever to spread your message across the globe.

More marketing opportunity
Any social media marketer will agree that it can be quite tricky trying to roll out a marketing campaign with the 140 character limit, without compromising the content. With the increase of 280 characters, more space is given to portray a marketing message and to give freedom to the way that messages can be given.


Longer tweets and news feed
It’s great to be able to have the option to add more text and content to a tweet, however with the increase of 280 characters, a tweet can end up boring and not perhaps as interesting as a shorter tweet. Of course this will also take up more room in our news feed, making it not so quick to read through.

Message may be lost
If a tweet is too long, a reader may miss out on your message altogether. A quick 140 limit message with the link as part of the tweet, it’s easy to see clearly what a marketer is saying. If that message becomes too long, the reader may not read the whole tweet or click through to your link. This will result in less conversions and lower marketing results.

More resources required
At the moment with the Twitter limit of 140 characters, marketers are used to creating short, eye-catching tweets. With 280 characters, they’ll still have the need to create witty, eye-catching material but with more details or wording required. This will take up more time and resource from marketing departments. With businesses already spending around 20% of their total marketing budget on social media, this could be a cause for concern.

Clare Groombridge, Director at South Coast Social says

“The new 280 character limit is going to fundamentally change the way we use Twitter – it’s always been their unique USP to be concise within the current 140 character limit, but all social media networks need to adapt and evolve to say current and grow user numbers. It would be interesting to see them to turn their focus next to investigating the volume of bots or perhaps the ability to edit tweets once published”

We’re excited about the new changes that are ahead and welcome any challenge that Twitter throws out!
Here at South Coast Social we love Twitter and look forward to the future, whether that be 140 or 280 characters!

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