The Graphics Interchange Format, better known as a GIF, celebrate their 30th anniversary this year!

What started out just as a way to show a moving image has now progressed into one of the best ways of creating customer engagement within social media. Think of them as a cross between a still image and a video. And we LOVE them!


Are you embracing the GIF and using it in your online marketing strategies? They are simple to create, are effective and more appealing that a standard image or video. Not having sound and being cheaper and easier to make than a video, a GIF is definitely worth a try if you’ve not yet used them on your social media platforms.

A GIF has an entertainment value which engages a customer quicker than a regular image which can be embraced by a company to share different types of images or to portray a new message. According to a HubSpot article, when people hear information, they’re likely to remember only 10% of that information three days later. However, if a relevant image is paired with that same information, people retained 65% of the information three days later.

That’s a BIG difference!

How can a GIF be used?

There are many ways to create and use a GIF, depending on what tone of voice you are looking to achieve. Let’s look at a few:

These drawings by Laurene Boglio descibes this as a “way to display a new dimension” to her drawings …

Perhaps you have a map of information that you’re looking to display and want to try something different from an infographic. Autopilot demonstrates how to make information animated with their seemless GIF …

If you’re looking for a simple but effective way to attract clients, or you want a more subtle approach, Typform have a good example where they demonstrate how to use moving text in a most powerful and creative way …

A GIF doesn’t have to be complicated and can often be a very simple idea mixed with simple colours, as shown by Asos with their example of moving text and an image to portray their brand…

If you’re feeling creative and want to encourage more engagement with your online marketing, we definitely suggest that you venture into using GIFs in your marketing plans.

Email Marketing

GIFs are also often used in email campaigns as video content is still not accepted by some email clients. Web-based email clients like Gmail or Yahoo will display GIFs however be aware that desktop email clients like Outlook will not display them.

Client Instructions

Ever thought about creating a GIF to give instructions? A simple and eye catching way to pass over your knowledge which can be given as snippet, bite sized segments of a whole demonstration. You could also tell a story in this way as well, using both text and images.

Highlight Company Culture

What better way to showcase your company culture by creating a GIF for each aspect of your business? Introduce new employees, show off new premises, demonstrate your company personality (if appropriate) and create buzz around your brand!


Where to find a GIF

If you’d like a helping hand and have no idea on how to get going, here are a few places to get you started on your search for the perfect GIF…

  • Giphy – BRILLIANT for simple sharing to social media networks
  • Buffer Mood Board
  • Gifs
  • Or simply, Google – seach for your image and sort by ‘animated image’ in the ‘type’ option

You can find or share a GIF almost everywhere, including Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn and many more popular Social Media sites. If you’d like more advice on creating a GIF or using them within your marketing strategy, then get in touch!

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