Vero is the new Instagram rival that is sweeping the nation and topping the App Store – jumping from a rating of 99 to number one in Apple’s UK store in the past week alone. But is the new app too good to be true?…

The network promotes itself as a platform “that lets you be yourself” and states on their website “Vero is a social network for anyone who loves anything enough to share it – and wants control over who they share it with. Just like we do in real life.”

Vero, which is Latin for the word “Truth” was created by the Lebanese billionaire, Ayman Hariri. It actually launched in 2015 however has surged over the past few weeks. The idea behind the app comes from a desire to create something more authentic which allow a user to be in more control in who they post to and what they can see, sharing the parts of our lives that matter most. Also, with the number of advertisers that were taking over mainstream options on the other social media platforms, Hariri decided to create a platform with all the ‘good bits’ of a social network.vero-app-for-photographers

What’s the difference between Instagram and Vero?

The two social networks are very similar however the main difference is that you can share more than just photos/videos with Vero, allowing you to share links, music, movies/TV, books and places. The other differences are that posts are sorted in reverse-chronological feed, not algorithmically. You can also browse posts from your connections by type or browse popular hashtags.

The set-up is fairly simple but there are no user names – you sign up using an email address, name and phone number. Simply search for someone by tying their name. The biggest selling point to Vero is that they promise to not keep track of data and to keep the app ad-free which means no data mining or algorithms.

At this moment in time the app can be downloaded free of charge as they’re offering the first 1,000,000 subscribers free subscriptions for life – which they’ve since extended due to popular demand! If you’re contemplating using the platform, now is the time to try!


The new social media app also allows you to tailor your friends list, enabling a user to categorise between close friends, friends, acquaintance and follower. When you share something, you can stipulate which level of friend will see your post.

Have you ventured into the world of Vero yet? … Search ‘South Coast Social‘ to find us!

** Update 1st March – we have found (along with other reports) that the app is a little glitchy so far to use – apparently due to high volume. We’ve found discrepancies with follower counts and app time outs the most common. There have also been reviews that the network is a little hard to use – if you’re very used to Instagram or Facebook, it might take some getting used to.


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