You may have heard of Social Selling but what does it actually mean?

Social Selling is using social media networks to find, connect with, engage with, and nurture potential clients.

If you use Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn for your business you may already be engaged in social selling but not realise it! Using social media tools to build relationships with your customers is a highly effect way of converting to sales. 78 percent of sales people engaged in social selling are outselling their peers who are not using social selling.

But how can you do this in your own business?

Be Present

Scheduling posts and photos has its place, but you need to log on to engage with your customers, reply to comments and share useful information. The way you develop a relationship is to have a two-way conversation so you need to take time to nurture this.

Develop Meaningful Relationships

Interacting on social media gives you one huge advantage – it gives you the opportunity to LISTEN to your customers. Hear their concerns, hear what they love, hear what they may need help with. This gives you fantastic insight in to how to reach them and provide them with a solution. Have genuine conversations and focus on the needs of the prospect first, selling second.

Provide Value

Once you have engaged with your customers and you know their likes and dislikes, you are in a position to provide them with massive value. Create content which answers their concerns, show them products which will answer their problems, share photos they will aspire to.









Above all, being present on social media gives you an opportunity to become a thought leader, an industry expert and your customer’s go to person. You can achieve this by providing thoughtful, insightful answers to people’s questions, sharing valuable information, and building trust in your network.

And the best bit? It won’t even make a dent in your marketing budget!




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