WhatsApp is a growing marketing tool that many businesses are now embracing and using to reach out to potential clients.

When you think of digital marketing tools, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are probably the first and most popular social platforms that come to mind. However, as the use of messaging services becomes more widely used and people are seeking instant on-the-go services, WhatsApp seems to be the perfect choice to engage with customers.

How can you use WhatsApp for business?

If you’re a WhatsApp user, you’ll be aware that the app is dedicated to one single phone. It cannot be used on the computer and there is no such thing as a business account. You also need to have the contact’s mobile number in your phone before being able to communicate with them. With this in mind, using WhatsApp for your business means that it is a one-to-one service and you are the face of your company when using it. Your message is going direct to the one person receiving it.

With only being able to message 256 WhatsApp users at once, it isn’t a great choice for the large scale marketing efforts, however is a good choice for those wanting to present a personal touch to their clients.

Using WhatsApp professionally and with discretion, it can be a perfect way to provide first class customer service to clients. This in turn will result in better retention and recommendations.

whatsapp marketing

In this article by MarketingWeek, the BBC and JustEat are now using the WhatsApp service to reach out to their clients.

This is not a new marketing avenue, however one that has not yet been explored in depth by many businesses.

Focusing on the personal touch through visual images is a key to engaging with people. A quote from Mark Brill, Senior Lecturer in Future Media, Birmingham City University states;

“People react to a smiley the same as a human face and it is becoming an important part of communication.”

WhatsApp can be used to send images with text, it can be used to call someone, it can be used to send a whole marketing message. The benefits of using the service is that it’s free to send them. Whether you send 1 or 256 messages – it costs no more.

In Nielsen’s Facebook Messaging Survey, it was reported that the rise of messaging services is being embraced and more people are messaging than ever before. It reports that 76% of people say that messaging has improved their lives. Whilst 53% say that they’re more likely to shop with a business they can message directly.

These results are a definite green light to giving the WhatsApp service a try for your business marketing.

Do you use WhatsApp for business? Comment below, we’d love to hear from you!


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