July is nearly here! And while it STILL doesn’t feel like summer has really arrived yet, with the inconsistent weather 🌦, we can at least hope that this month lives up to its reputation of being ‘the hottest month of the year’ in the UK. So what are the national holidays coming up that we can look forward to? Use your social media platforms to inspire your followers, with the following key dates… 🎉

Did you know – July was named by the Roman Senate in honour of Roman general Julius Caesar? With it being the month of his birth. Well now you do! 🤓

Get your dad jokes and your cheesy puns at the ready, as July kicks off with International Joke Day 🤡 (1st). If you need a bit of inspiration – we recommend you give this instagram handle a follow which will promise to keep you giggling into August: @dadsaysjokes 😂

We’re hoping the weather behaves itself in time for National BBQ Week 🍔 (4th) and Bikini Day 👙 (5th), but at least if it’s a wash out, then we have Fried Chicken Day 🍗 (6th) and World Chocolate Day 🍫 (7th) to look forward to 😋…

Week two highlights include Simplicity Day (12th), French Fries Day 🍟 (13th), World Snake Day 🐍 (16th) and ending in one of our favourite days of the year; World Emoji Day! 🤩🥳🤪 (17th). Grab yourself an Ice Cream for Ice Cream Day 🍦 (18th) and enjoy all of the tasty national holidays in July, but don’t forget to take note of the fantastic work done by Samaritans on 24th as we club together for Samaritans Awareness Day.

The last week of July highlights include International Friendship Day 👭 (30th) and National Avocado Day 🥑 (31st).

Like every month, June gives us plenty of opportunities to have fun with our socials. So whatever day you wish to celebrate, have a great month and enjoy getting creative!

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