We’ve all heard of Instagram Stories, Snapchat and Facebook Stories but now there’s a new player on the field as YouTube have launched their own version of Stories!

Let’s start with the basics.

What is YouTube Stories?

Firstly, the feature that is officially being rolled out is only available at the moment to YouTube channels that have over 10,000 subscribers. It may be worth noting that the feature could take up to four weeks to be available once a subscriber has hit their 10,000 mark. Once you’ve hit the 10,000 subscriber mark, it’s a great tool to use to engage with your audience and provide a different kind of service to them.

The Stories will be shown to both subscribers and non-subscribers and they will show up on the ‘Up Next’ sidebar besides a video for non-subscribers and in the subscriptions for subscribers. A creator who uses the tool will be able to respond with fans who interact with their Stories and the responses will be seen by anyone who comes across them.

It can be used for fans to ask questions or leave comments and a creator can then respond to each one as they see fit.

The main difference between Instagram and YouTube Stories is that YouTube Stories are live for seven days, rather than 24 hours.

How to post on YouTube Stories?

This feature can only be produced via your mobile device, through the YouTube Play app, rather than the Creator Studio.

Open up the YouTube app on your device and tap the camera icon on the right hand side of the navigation bar. Then tap the Story icon which is the circle with a cross in the middle. From here you can add a previously saved photo or video to your YouTube story, alternatively you can take a new photo or video.

Once you’ve uploaded your photo you can edit your story using a variety of different tools to add elements or remove footage etc before you post.

You can add music to your Story, add stickers or video links – there is a whole array of different features that you can access to amend and change your Story. Once you are happy with the content, click save and then click to post it to your Story.

What’s the point of YouTube Stories?

A main aim of YouTube Stories is to help creators build on their communities, to be able to promote their channels and build relationships with their audiences. It’s a great way to interact and provide a deeper communication with those who follow a business.

We’ve heard a little skepticism on whether YouTube Stories will foster real engagement on YouTube but time will tell…

Other features of YouTube Stories

At the top of each story, there is a segmented line which shows you how many Stories are available from that creator. You can tap anyway along the line to access the different Stories. You can even pause by pressing a finger onto the screen and then letting go to play again.

Business? Time to create leads! YouTube Stories gives a solution to creating leads. Simply create a Story by asking a question about an issue and use the comments to your responses to generate new leads. Follow up on these leads and you have a potential new client… Always add a call to action to each Story so that a follower know where to go next, acting as a lead magnet.

This could be used to create signups for seminar / webinar / newsletter / ticket sales / courses and so much more. It’s time to get creative with Stories and use them to benefit your business but also add value to your potential clients, always giving opportunity to follow up where necessary.

What do you think of YouTube Stories? Have you used it?

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